Myriam Dobles
Secretary to Steven Schels

973.729.6191 ext. 264
   Denise Grotyohann
   Attendance Secretary

   973.729.6191 ext. 241
   Peggy Walsh
   Secretary to Rory Fitzgerald

   973.729.6191 ext. 266

Absentee Line: 973-729-6191 Ext. 250
Fax: 973-729-1245
    The Sparta Board of Education believes that regular attendance in class, participation in class activities, and interaction between student and teacher are a vital and integral part of the learning process. Frequent absence of pupils from regular classroom learning experiences disrupts the continuity of the instructional process. The school cannot teach students who are not present. Poor attendance limits accomplishments and reinforces a habit that will handicap the individual in future education or employment. Therefore, the Sparta Board of Education requires the regular attendance of all students each day the school is in session.

    It is expected that a parent/guardian phone the Attendance Office to report his/her student absent. This phone call should be made before 8:30 a.m. and may be left on the Attendance Office voice mail.

    SHS understand that on occasion students must arrive late to or leave early from school.  Therefore, in addition to taking attendance during homeroom, each teacher takes attendance throughout the day to maintain accurate attendance records. Because of this, a student’s absences may vary from class to class/period to period if he or she leaves early or arrives late. 


    When a student exceeds a maximum number of unexcused absences, they will automatically lose credit:
    • Full Year Course - 16 absences
    • Physical Education - 12 absences
    • Semester Course - 8 absences
    • Health - 4 absences
          When a student exceeds a maximum combined number of excused  and
           unexcused absences, they will automatically lose credit:
    • Full Year course - 26 absences
    • Physical Education - 22 absences
    • Semester Course - 13 absences
    • Health - 6 absences
            **To view a list of excused absences, please see the student handbook.


Sparta High School cannot successfully fulfill its responsibility to a student unless the student is present for classes. Each unexcused/excused absence will be counted toward the maximum number of absences and the student will receive no credit for each course in which they go beyond that number of absences. A class absence occurs when 10 or more minutes of the period is missed.
  • Parents and students are urged to monitor class attendance. Attendance information can be viewed on the parent portal.
  • A student who loses credit for a course will have the option of remaining in the course or being placed in Study Hall. The student choosing to be placed in a study hall is relinquishing the right to appeal.   
  • Appeals will only be considered under exceptional and extenuating circumstances. 
  • The Academic Appeals Committee” will hear appeals of loss of credit for those students who remained in the course and received a passing grade. The student appeal must be in writing and must list reasons for its validity. 
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