Intervention & Referral Service/504/Health Plans

Intervention and Referral Service, along with 504 and Health Plans, are plans that are put in place to assist your child with regular educational interventions. A committee consisting of myself as chair, a regular education teacher, a special education teacher, and depending on the referral type, a specialist from the Child Study Team, along with your child's guidance counselor, will be present at a meeting to determine eligibilty and to put interventions in place, if necessary. These meetings can be requested by teacher(s), student, parent or guidance counselor.

For I&RS Plans
During the meeting that you and your child will attend, teacher reports will have been collected by your guidance counselor to provide information on how your child is performing academically and behaviorally in the classroom. Once the inteventions are agreed upon, a plan is written and sent to all of your child's teachers. Teachers sign off on the plan to acknowledge that they are aware of the accommodations necessary to help your
child be successful.

For 504 Plans
If a 504 plan if warranted, please be advised that there must be a medical note to accompany the plan. This note must designate the diagnosis and provide interventions suggested by your doctor. A parent form providing information about your child must accompany any request.

For Health Plans
If your child has a medical issue that occurs during the year, i.e. injury or concussion, a medical note must be provided to the school nurse (Frankie Schuman) along with interventions necessary. At that time, I will write up the plan with your child's guidance counselor, check with each parent for confirmation, and send the plan to all of your child's teachers for signature.


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