Advanced Placement Summer Assignments



 Welcome to AP Chemistry!  As you know, this is a college level course being taught at the high school.  To insure we get through all of the material in a timely fashion as to prepare for the AP exam in May, you will need to complete the following assignment over the summer:

 READ CHAPTER 1 pages 1-32 and take notes on major terms and formulas.   Provide sample problems where appropriate.

Complete the following problems:

            Page 32 ‘Review Questions’ #4,7,10

            Pages 33 ‘Active Learning Questions’ #4 & 5

Pages 34-38 ‘Questions’ and ‘Exercises’ #17,23,27,32,33,36,40, 48,51, 63,67, 74,79,81,82,83,87

 READ CHAPTER 2 pages 42-72 and take notes on major terms and formulas.  Provide sample problems where appropriate.

Complete the following problems:

Page 72 ‘Review Questions’ #5,6,8

Pages 72-72 ‘Active Learning Questions’ #4,5,11,12

Pages 73-78 ‘Questions’ and ‘Exercises #17,18,27,29,34,35,39,41,53,58,59,63,69,


In order to complete this assignment, you must pick up the AP chemistry textbook from me in room 124 before you leave school for the summer break.  If during the summer you are having difficulty with the assignment or just need to ask some questions, please feel free to contact me.  My home phone number is (973) 729-7860.  I also recommend that you get together with other students who are taking AP chemistry and work out problems with them.

I will collect the completed assignment the second day that we return to school.  I will take any questions that you have on the assignment and the chapter reading and we will have a quiz on the material the second day of school.

When completing this assignment, make sure that you show all work neatly for math problems and for concept questions, give a complete concise explanation.  Circle any mathematical answers so they can be found quickly.  For the outline, be sure you could use it as a guide for any questions you may have on the first two chapters!

If you have any further questions, please see me. Welcome to AP Chemistry!

Mrs. Trzcinski

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