Trigonometry, Statistics & Quantitative Literacy

Course Title: Trigonometry, Statistics & Quantitative Literacy
Course Length: Full Year 
CP Algebra 2 or Academic Algebra 2 with current teacher or Department Supervisor recommendation

This course consists of three areas of study. The three areas will be: 1.) topics of trigonometry, 2.) topics of statistics/quantitative literacy and 3.) an introduction to the mathematics of finance. The topics of trigonometry will include angles and triangles, trigonometric ratios, solving triangles, radian measure, circular functions, unit circle, graphs of trigonometry functions, trigonometric identities and solving trigonometric equations. The majority of the course will be spent on quantitative literacy and statistics in areas including: exploring data using graphs, two way tables, measures of center and spread, producing data through sampling and experiments, scatterplots, regression analysis, residuals, correlation coefficients, probability, normal distributions, binomial distributions, sampling distributions, tests of significance and confidence intervals.
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