Intermediate Algebra

Course Title: Intermediate Algebra
Course Length:
Full Year
Current teacher or Department Supervisor recommendation

This is the first high school mathematics course for students who plan three or four years of college preparatory mathematics. Students who take this course should be competent in basic arithmetic skills, abstract reasoning, and working with the symbols of mathematics. Also, the student has received significant exposure to algebra topics. In this course, topics include: (1) the real number system, (2) operations with polynomials, (3) solving first and second degree
equations and inequalities in one and two variables, (4) solving systems of equations and inequalities, (5) factoring and solving quadratic equations, (6) rational expressions, (7) graphing in one and two dimensions, (8) word problems, (9) operations with radicals, (10) laws of exponents, and (11) functions and relations. Problem solving techniques are emphasized throughout
the course. Successful completion of this course will satisfy the prerequisite for enrollment in CP Geometry.
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