Honors Multivariable Calculus & Advanced Topics

Course Title: Honors Multivariable Calculus and Advanced Topics
Credit: 5
Course Length: Full Year
Prerequisite: AP Calculus (BC) or (AB) and current teacher or Department Supervisor recommendation

Honors Multivariable Calculus is a third semester of calculus. Its topics include: vectors in a plane and space, partial differentiation, multiple integration and vector calculus. Advanced Topics is a semester course which builds on the concepts of multivariable calculus, and challenges students to apply the calculus of higher dimensions and principles of linear algebra to a variety of problems
in science and business. Students will use computer software to discover and demonstrate relevant theory and concepts, and will engage in problem based learning activities. Students will also have the opportunity to do independent research in other areas of advanced mathematical study, such as: computer animation, chaos, fractals, electronic privacy, telecommunications, code encryption and cracking, computer simulations, and market analysis.
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